2009-2010 Issue of Array available at ICMA website

Dear ICMA members,

I am pleased to announce that the 2009-2010 issue of Array is now available at the ICMA website. Among the highlights of this issue are print versions of Trevor Wishart’s ICMC 2008 Keynote Address and Paul Lansky’s ICMC 2009 Keynote Address, and a letter from our new President Tae Hong Park. The issue also includes responses on the future of the concert review, an interview with Eliane Radigue, and reviews. The Table of Contents is listed below. Thanks to all the writers who made this issue possible.

The new issue of Array can be found here: http://www.computermusic.org/page/29/. Once there, you will also find links to past issues of Array. You will need to log in to the website with the “members only” username and password. If you are an ICMA member, this username and password was in the email sent out to the ICMA listserv announcing this issue.

I am also delighted to announce the inauguration of Array’s blog. In the past few years, we have released issues electronically as PDF files. While that will still occur, a blog will enable more frequent release of content with an opportunity for member feedback and discussion. You will start to see posts appear this fall, from reports about regional organizations like the Japanese Society for Sonic Arts to transcripts from the ICMC 2010 UnConference. You’ve found the blog; now keep up to date by pointing your browsers and RSS readers to https://arrayblog.wordpress.com.

If you have an idea for an article or blog post, or would like to write a review or submit your own CD or book for review in Array, please email me at array dot journal at gmail dot com. Remember that if you write a review, you will be able to keep your review copy at no charge.

We welcome your feedback on this issue by email or in the comments section of this blog. In addition, I encourage you to send recent photos for the website to our Treasurer/Secretary, Chryssie Nanou, at chryssie at ccrma dot stanford dot edu.

Best wishes for a productive year!
Jennifer B. Merkowitz
Array Editor

ARRAY, 2009-2010

Letter from the President 3
Tae Hong Park

Letter from the Editor 4
Jennifer Merkowitz

Letters 5
Kari Vakeva, John Young, Bob Gluck, Toine Heuvelmans

ICMC 2008 Keynote Address 13
Trevor Wishart

ICMC 2009 Keynote Address 29
Paul Lansky

An Interview with Eliane Radigue 45
Bob Gluck

ICMC 2008 Reviews 50
Kazuaki Shiota, Ysbrand Otjes

Concert and Festival Reviews 57
Sam Pluta: The GRM at EMF
Eileen Mack: NYCEMF 2009

Book Reviews 64
Valerie Vivancos: Simon Emmerson’s Living Electronic Music
Michael Barnhart: Nick Colins and Julio d’Escrivan, eds., The Cambridge Companion to Electronic Music


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