ICMC concert reviewers wanted

This year’s ICMC is just around the corner, and we’re looking for attendees to review the music: talks and paper session reviews would also be considered for review where applicable.

As conferences go, ICMC has a relatively wide musical remit, and always attracts people with divergent tastes and opinions. With that in mind, it seems that the best way to present a picture of the music of ICMC 2012 is by presenting the multiplicity of viewpoints. Rather than just one review of each concert, we would prefer to host multiple  and possibly contrasting reviews, and whatever debate this may generate in the comments (reasoned and civil of course). It is trivial to note that the same piece will sound different to people with different interests, but we would like to dig a little deeper and take advantage of the focus a conference brings to explore different responses.

So, if you’re interested in being involved then please get in touch, email <array.journal+reviews@gmail.com> to let us know you intend to submit some reviews so we have an idea of possible numbers. Or, if you attend a concert that you’d like to review then just send a review in to the same address, you don’t need to have let us know in advance.

Reviews will be posted on the blog as fast as possible, to keep discussion live, and a selection of the best reviews will be included in the next issue of Array Journal. Here’s the daily schedule of events. Each review should include the concert details (time/day/venue), and be signed, no amusing pseudonyms please.

Lastly, some good practice guidelines:

  • Reviews should be concise. There’s no word limit, but aim to be coherent and avoid rambling explanations. That said, as reviews will probably be written quickly, the style can be fairly informal.
  • Review titles are at the discretion of the reviewer.
  • For clarity, be clear about names of pieces, composers and performers where possible.
  • Try to say something about each piece in the concert, to give a sense of the whole event how/if pieces related to each other.
  • Feel free to include some links to other content (pictures, audio examples, videos of other performances, on-the-spot interviews with composers/performers, papers or descriptions of technology and techniques etc.) where relevant. For obvious reasons, blatant self-promotion is discouraged.
  • If you have a response to a previous review then please use the comments rather than writing a response review.

The editor reserves the right to make minimal edits to correct typos/misspellings. If anything requires serious editing it may be sent back with comments/suggestions.


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