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Nathan Wolek’s response to Bob Gluck

When I opened the PDF of the latest edition of Array back in August, I was tickled to find among the letters to the editor a response from Bob Gluck to my review of his CD Electric Brew.  As a … Continue reading

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A Summary and Transcript of the ICMC 2010 UnConference UnSession on Computer Music Performance

by Identified Participants and Authors: Jeremy C. Baguyos (JB), David B. Wetzel (DW), McGregor Boyle (MB), Bonnie Lander (BL), Scott McLaughlin (SM), Scott Hewitt (SH), Krista Martynes (KM), Dale Parson (DP), Andrew Cole (AC) Introduction and Rationale The time has … Continue reading

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The Japanese Society for Sonic Arts (JSSA)

Former ICMA board member Naotoshi Osaka founded the Japanese Society for Sonic Arts (JSSA; in 2009. What follows is the opening address written for the society’s first journal in June 2009. Founding a New Field for the Study of … Continue reading

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